>  5.7.10:  Venus Lights Up Skies in May

>  5.7.10:  Confidant: "Carl Sagan Knew UFO's Were

>  5.7.10:  Inside the Beltway:  UFO's Invade Washington

>  4.27.10:  Obama and Medvedev:  Let's be Buddies
Like We Were in WWII

>  4.27.10:  Goldman Sachs Faces New Accusations

>  4.27.10:  East Texan Says Light was UFO

>  4.27.10:  Ufologists Divided over Hawking's
Assertion that Aliens are Dangerous

>  4.27.10:  Steven Hawking Says We May not Want to
Meet Aliens.  Why?  They May Be Dangerous...

>  4.23.10:  US Will not Recognize North Korea as a
Nuclear State

>  4.23.10:  LUCIFER Allows Astronomers to Watch Stars
Being Born

>  4.23.10:  Mysterious Space Plane Causes Concerns
About Millitary Activities in Space

>  4.23.10:  Teens Survive Ordeal with UFO that
Levitates Their Car

>  4.21.10: Little Green Men and UFO's are So Passe'

>  4.21.10:  Microbes Found in Natural Asphalt Lake

>  4.21.10  Balloon Boy Parents to Pay $36K in

>  4.20.10:  Witnesses Watch as Huge Boomerang
Shaped UFO Cruises Over California

> 4.20.10:  Disclosure 2010:  Alien Contact with Humans
is Increasing

>  4.19.10  Judge Rules - Cyberspace Isn't a Place

>  4.19.10  Manufacturing Fault, not UFO, Caused
Turbine Blade Failure in Scotland

>  4.19.10  Blinding UFO Appears in Chengdu (China)

>  4.17.10  Gunsmith Encounters UFO

>  4.17.10  Are UFO's Just a Symptom of 21st Century

>  4.16.10:  Has Obama's Nasa Strategy Fizzled Already?

>  4.16.10:  Destruction of CIA Tapes of Al Qaeda
Interrogations Sparks Concerns

>  4.16.10:  College Professor Says UFO's Should Be in
the Curriculum

>  4.16.10:  Why We're Paranoid

>  4.16.10:  Backwards Alien Planets Challenge
Theories of Planet Formation

>  4.16.10:  Video From Saturn Shows First
Documented Lightening Storm off the Earth

>  4.16.10: Finding Aliens with a Continent-Spanning

>  4.15.10:  Exopolitics Researcher Develops
Evidence-Based Typology of Extraterrestrial

>  4.15.10  UFO Sightings Increase in Deep South

>  4.15.10  Massive Fireball Reported Streaking Across
the Midwestern Sky

>  4.14.10:  US Military's Supply of Rare Earth Elements
is not Secure

>  4.13.10:  Are they Aliens or Just Unidentified Flying

>  4.10.10:  Life on Titan Would Stink
9/3/10> WNY Group Searches for UFO's

9/3/10> UFO's in Stephensville, TX AGAIN

9/3/10>  2nd Annual Exeter, NH UFO Festival Gets
Under Way This Weekend

9/3/10> Stephen Hawking's Warnings About Contact
divide UFOlogists

9/2/10> China Daily: UFO's Spotted Again in Eastern

9/2/10>  More UFO's in China

9/2/10>  UFO's and Nukes

9/2/10>  Michio Kaku Says UFO's are REAL! This is a

9/1/10>  Dateline 65,000,000 B.C.: The Dinosaurs had a
Warning Shot

9/1/10>  Stoned 'Dude' Shoots at Alien

9/1/10>  Inside the Great Reptilian Conspiracy from
Queen Elizabeth to Barack Obama

9/1/10>  MIT Technology Review: The Extraordinary
Tale of Red Rain, Comets, and Extraterrestrials

9/1/10>  Darwin Wants to Be UFO Capitol

9/1/10>  The Harvard Crimson: Rethinking
Extraterrestrial Visitation (Excellent Read)

8/31/10>  Nazca Lines: Proof of Celestial Visitors?

8/31/10>  Religious Fundamentalism = Arrested

8/31/10>  Are UFO's Real? Maybe, Says Historian

8/31/10> Voyager I and II: Earth's Message in a Bottle

8/31/10> Tim Russert's UFO Question to Kucinich Still

8/31/10> Texas Trap Camera UFO Just a Camera Glitch

8/30/10> Chicago Tribune: The Truth is Out There, but
not Everywhere

8/30/10> Brisbane Man Spots UFO After 30 Years of

8/30/10>  Kecksburg Festival Will Recall its Famous

8/30/10> Speaker to Reveal Mainstream Media
Suppression of Only Proven UFO Abductee: Billy Meier

8/30/10>  Author Appeals to Witnesses to 1976
Cutteslowe UFO Incident

8.30.10> Open Minds Translates new French
Aerospace Report on UFO's Download the Translated

8.27.10>  Debunker James Oberg is at it Again! Read
His Article: UFO Book Based on Questionable

Read My Response to Oberg's Article at my Blogsite
by clicking
10/6/13: Scientists increasingly think life on earth
originated from another planet

10/5/13: Military magazine highlights Iranian air force
encounters with UFOs

10/5/13: UFO's Hover Over A Burning Ship: Video

10/5/13: Area 51 flights suspended due to government

10/5/13: Want To Be An Astronaut? Learn To Play Guitar
And Basically Be Good At Everything

10/5/13: Russian Space Troops accept That They Are
Not Ready to Fight Extraterrestrial Civilizations

10/4/13: Alicia Keys Believes Aliens Are On Earth And
Other Very Important Revelations

10/4/13: Alleged NASA site hypes ‘historic discovery’

10/4/13: Cassini Finds Vast River On Saturn’s Moon

10/3/13: Astronomers Discover Star-Forming Galaxy
Fueled by Primordial Hydrogen

10/3/13: Giant impact that formed the moon blew off
Earth's atmosphere

10/3/13: Researchers Find Evidence of Ancient
Supervolcanoes on Mars

10/2/13: CIA Finally Responds to Veteran's Roswell


9/24/13: 'Chemtrails' and other aviation conspiracy

9/24/13: China Expands Space Warfare Capabilities

9/24/13: Evidence of Extraterrestrial Life found in
Earth's Atmosphere -- Challenged!

9/24/13: On Mars, no proof yet, but scientists’ search
for extraterrestrial life continues

9/24/13: What IS that in NASA's SOHO picture, UFO, ET
space station: Think Deep Space 9 (Video)

9/24/13: Evidence of Ancient Aliens?

9/24/13: Scientists’ search for life on Mars continues

9/22/13: Know about 10 secret UFO hideouts across the

9/23/13: How Did Life Begin? --New Theory on the
Origins of Life on Earth & Other Planets

9/21/13: World's top climate scientists told to 'cover up'
the fact that the Earth's temperature hasn't risen for
the last 15 years

9/20/13: Extraterrestrial Life and Alien Evidence: Who

9/16/13: Art Bell's New SiriusXM Satellite Radio Show
Starts Tonight

9/16/13: New Extraterrestrial Sources Discovered for
the Building Blocks of Life

9/16/13: Who Owns The Moon?

9/16/13: The First Attempted Mission to Jupiter's Moon
Has Entered Phase 1