The Truth – And Where to Find It

Webster’s dictionary aptly defines “truth” as, “the body of real things, events, and facts.” In the new age of “fake news,” it appears to be more difficult than it has been in the past to discern truth from fiction. Last year, the Oxford dictionary proclaimed the word “post-truth” to be the “word of the year” for 2016, invoking the beginning of a new era in which truth (fact) is apparently no longer applicable. Truth is what each of us says it is. It has become subjective, despite its fundamentally objective nature. For example, there are many who believe that the world is flat, despite the fact that the issue of the physical shape of the world was resolved hundreds of years ago by the use of relatively simple geometry. In a 1999 Gallup survey, 18% of Americans polled expressed their belief that the Sun revolved around the Earth. Fortunately, 80% of us got it right. Nevertheless, even in this modern age in which so much information about our world and the universe in which we live is made freely available, multitudes are yet left marooned in pre-Copernican antiquity. (A testament no doubt to the quality of public education). Astonishingly, some are convinced that even the immutable truth embodied in mathematics can somehow be fabricated, simply because they either don’t appreciate the depth of its precision or choose to ignore it.

It has become a cliché to posit that one can no longer discern the truth because of the proliferation of false information. Who knows what is true anymore? It has become an excuse, even a justification, for harboring opinions that are simply not founded in reality. Your truth is no better than mine. Thus division arises – division without logical justification. The truth is that we have become complacent. As is our natural human tendency, we come to rest in a position we are comfortable with, then exclude all contrary information, no matter the unassailable level of its veracity.

How can one tell what is true when one source says a thing, and another source says something else completely contradictory? Do not be misled. Truth is not subjective. Facts are facts. It is the opinion and rhetoric swirling around these facts which becomes confusing and misleading. If we are unable to discern the truth, it is because we are not trying hard enough in the face of the information deluge. Living in a presumably democratic republic in the modern era has given rise to a new level of responsibility that we have been heretofore ill-equipped to manage. If our republic is to survive, we must, each and every one of us, rise to the occasion.

In the context of national intelligence, there is something known as “mosaic theory.” In mosaic theory, seemingly innocuous and random bits of information can be gathered and placed into a “mosaic” that reveals the bigger picture, much as a grouping of pixels might reveal an image on a computer monitor. This is a developing justification for keeping information classified. While the information sought may superficially appear to be innocuous, even meaningless, it might nonetheless be placed into a “mosaic” of information being compiled by a foreign government, and must, therefore, be kept secret.

Mosaic theory, as it might relate to an overwhelming flow of information, should be added to the intellectual toolbox of every concerned citizen. If the information upon which one relies is derived from only one or a limited number of sources, the picture that emerges can be easily manipulated or distorted – even if the source has proven to be trustworthy or consistent in the past. It is for this reason that, when confronted with new information, it is important not only to investigate the source but to refer to many different sources referring to the same information. Can what is being said be confirmed? Doing so provides a “mosaic” of information from which the truth can be derived. Even in lies, there is a glimpse of truth.

Begin each day as a true skeptic. Abandon all preconceived notions – and do not be afraid to “kill your darlings” as it were. Take nothing for granted. Change your mind if logic requires it. Do not isolate yourself to one source of information. Do not be fearful of confronting facts that do not comport with your view of reality, or even contradict it. Endeavour to avoid being told what to think. Form your own opinions, and be the final arbiter about what the information means. Resist the temptation to devolve into rhetorical arguments that lead nowhere. Go to the original sources if at all possible. Read the underlying materials upon which they rely. Educate yourself. Most importantly, be willing to recognize and appreciate your own weaknesses. People who believe that the Earth is flat are as assured in their convictions as those of us who know better. Ask not what that says about them, but what it says about the rest of us, about human nature. Sometimes we become so wrapped up in our personal beliefs and prejudices that the truth becomes secondary – even superfluous. Rue the day that truth really doesn’t matter. It does and always will. Don’t let go of it. It’s really all we have.

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The Atacama Humanoid

By now everyone is aware of the existence of the Atacama Humanoid. Though the specimen has been around for some time, it has gained a considerable amount of attention lately, thanks to Dr. Steven Greer of the “Disclosure Project.” Dr. Greer’s film “Sirius” debuted Monday night to a great amount of anticipation. Though the film was groundbreaking in many ways with respect to internet history, some were disappointed with the results of the preliminary DNA analysis done by Dr. Nolan of Stanford University. Dr. Nolan’s report can be found here:  Dr. Greer’s report can be found at this link:; Dr. Lachman, a noted expert in skeletal dysplasia, examined the specimen, called “Ata” and determined that it was not a fetus as had been postulated, but a child of approximately 6 to 8 years of age. Dr. Lachman report can be found here:; The reports in the media thus far are that the specimen is human. This is based on Dr. Nolan’s preliminary analysis of the specimen’s mitochondrial DNA. Unlike nuclear DNA, mitochondrial DNA is primarily derived from the mother. Thus, Nolan concluded that the specimen has a human mother, native to the region of Chile in which the specimen was found. I would caution those of you looking into this not to place all of your eggs in the “completely human” basket just yet. Considerable additional work needs to be done to determine the identity, or at least the species of the father. When I say this, keep in mind that most of us have gone out whole lives without ever laying eyes on a 6 inch all 8 year old kid. Chances are that, if we had, we probably would have tried to step on it. I also have to ask, how did the mother even know she had a child? How big could thing have been to begin with, about the size of a healthy blood-clot I would imagine. Human? I say look at it. As Dr. Nolan indicated, the genotype doesn’t match the phenotype. In other words, there’s nothing he’s seen in the genetics so far that would explain the apparent deformities. That’s another really weird thing about this specimen. Don’t jump on the human bandwagon just yet. My guess? Quite possibly a hybrid of some sort. Time will tell, but I’m waiting for the complete analysis…

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Excuses, Excuses

It’s been a while I know, but I have an excellent excuse, if you want to call it that, for my extended absence. Not long after my last posting, a little over two years ago now, my daughter Stephany passed away. She was 32 years old. Within months, my Grandfather Dale passed away, and most recently on December 15, 2011 my mother, Patricia,  died of cancer at the age of 69, four days before her 70th birthday. Although I’ve spent much of the last year writing, the vast majority of my time has been spent in solitude doing my best to make sense of it all. My sadness was deepened further by the death of my 16 year old dog, Jasmine, a fluffy yellow snow mutt who died on the first day of spring 2012, followed not long after that by my beloved cat “Bob” who was my best friend for nearly seventeen years. These experiences have caused me to reexamine my investigations into the inevitable darkness lying at the end of that carnival ride we call life and what, if anything, may lay beyond. Surprisingly, (or perhaps not so surprisingly) I’ve not turned to organized religion; nor have I experienced the desire to become ‘born again’ perchance to ease my suffering. Where I have found comfort is in what I have already discovered in my lifelong investigations into the nature of life and consciousness, and what if any meaning might be found in any of it. If anything, I have discovered that as a person who likes to think of himself as logical and scientifically minded, I cannot, with respect to the possibility of the existence of a human soul, or the perpetuation of consciousness, throw the baby out with the tepid, cloudy bathwater of organized religion. This is because as scientists, no matter how hard we struggle, we have not come close to explaining the nature of consciousness. More to the point, we have yet to definitively discern whether consciousness is completely local, or whether consciousness has some ineffable, non-local quality. Until we do that, we cannot say without equivocation that consciousness ends with death of the physical body. I recently read a book called “Proof of Heaven” written by a practicing Harvard educated neurosurgeon. The book detailed the doctor’s own Near Death Experience which took place when his brain was wholly incapable of forming memories, and certainly not capable of remembering the rich, sensory experience he had while in a deep coma brought on by a severe case of spinal meningitis. What he learned during his experience was that all of his notions of consciousness and the brain were entirely wrong. He learned that consciousness was not an effect of chemical and biological processes, but rather that reality as we perceive it is a result of the consciousness which comprises the universe. After reviewing the data collected on his brain during the coma, he and his son, also a Harvard-trained neurosurgeon, reached the inescapable conclusion that consciousness is separate from the body. Of course, I think most of us realize this intuitively, but it is a fantastic notion that flies in the face of accepted medical paradigms. Nonetheless, the data is there and should not be ignored. What does this all mean? Well, I know one thing, I’m still breathing in and out. I am just weeks away from finishing my novel, and it’s time to dust of the old brain, maybe even break out the running shoes. Mom wouldn’t have it any other way.

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The Aliens Owe Us – Big Time!

If there is any truth to the notion that we Earthlings have recovered crashed alien spacecraft and gleaned technology from them, then in my opinion, the aliens owe us – big time. It was Colonel Phillip Corso in his book “The Day After Roswell” who told us that the United States Air force had recovered technology from the crash of an alien spacecraft in Roswell New Mexico, and that the Air Force then undertook a program through the Pentagon’s Foreign Technology Division to integrate that technology into our own by seeding it to American Industry and allowing various companies to develop those technologies free of their alien pedigrees.  According to Corso’s book, now 13 years old, the technologies we recovered from Roswell and other alleged crashes included things like night vision, fiber optics, multilayer materials like Kevlar, and most importantly: integrated circuits.  Who can argue that the integrated circuit – now only 6o years old-has altered human existence in such an astonishing manner that it is rivaled only by biological evolution in its profundity?

Anyone who is familiar with the issue of UFOs and their alleged extraterrestrial origins is also familiar with the notion that there is some sort of a “Galactic Federation” out there that won’t let us in until we evolve spiritually enough to control our own run-amok technology. Hold the phone. If in fact all of this is true, that we have recovered alien technology, reverse engineered it and integrated into our own, haven’t we been unwittingly, wrongfully, and dare I say negligently contaminated by alien technology that we have no business possessing?  Perhaps, if we had not been so influenced, we would not presently find ourselves at the precipice of self annihilation from our lack of spiritual growth. Perhaps we’d be right where we’re supposed to be in the scheme of things.

Some of you Trekkies (I mean, Trekkers) out there may remember the Star Trek Episode “A Piece of the Action” wherein Captain Kirk and his crew travel to the distant Planet “Sigma Lotia II” 100 years after an earlier visit from the Federation Starship “U.S.S. Horizon.” What they find is astonishing. Some bumbling fool on the Horizon had left a book behind—a book about gangsters in 1930’s Chicago. Within the short span of 100 years, the highly intelligent and adaptive inhabitants of Sigma Lotia II had based their entire culture on “the Book”. Captain Kirk discovered that that the planet was governed by rival Capone-style gangs all vying for a bigger “Piece of the Action” through the use of gangster style “hits”—Tommy guns and all. You see my point, don’t you? If some alien species has stupidly (or, Heaven forbid, purposefully) misplaced their technology here, then in the immortal words of Ricky Ricardo, “Lucy, you got some splainin’ to do!” It would be difficult to argue that, if in fact we have taken possession of and assimilated alien technology, the resulting transformation of our planet has been anything short of “apocalyptic” in magnitude.  To me, as a lawyer, that spells a little thing I like to call “damages.” Yes, that’s right, I said “damages”. That means I believe we humans have a legitimate claim for damages caused by the negligent acts of an alien civilization. It seems essentially unfair to me that the human race should be prematurely exposed to certain fundamentally transformational technologies by an as yet unidentified alien species that now purportedly scoffs at the notion of letting us into their galactic club because we haven’t grown spiritually enough to handle the very technology they dumped on us before we were ready to have it. Help me if I’m missing something here.

Michio Kaku was recently asked why aliens don’t simply land on the White House lawn and announce their presence to the World. In his answer, he likened the human race to a colony of ants on the side of the highway. One would not expect that advanced aliens traveling down the highway would bother to stop and talk to the ants on the side of the road, much less establish diplomatic relations with them, or gift them with some revolutionary technology—like nuclear energy. Why would aliens that advanced even care about us enough to stop by? I think we have to ask ourselves what an advanced alien civilization would think about a colony of ants that manages to duplicate technologies they obtain by studying one of their crashed vehicles.  Wouldn’t we as humans be concerned about a colony of ants that managed to do something as relatively simple as duplicate any of the materials found in common car tires merely by studying a wrecked automobile in the desert?

I do not believe that any intelligent species, no matter how advanced they may be, would not be scientifically interested in the human race on some level. Take Dr. Kaku’s example of the aliens, the highway, and the ants.  I would agree that most aliens would simply ignore us as they go about their business because they have more important things to do. But, even we busy human beings flying down the highway in our Fords and Hyundais and Porsches have scientists who study insects.  They are called entomologists.  There are even entomologists who restrict their studies to specific species of ants. That’s why we know so much about ants, because some entomologist somewhere sits around all day long observing and studying ants.

So—back to my original point: what happens when the observer inadvertently interjects himself into the experiment? What happens when the observer provides the ants with the means to destroy themselves, or at the very least, makes such a thing more possible or likely? If there is some universal morality that applies here, irrespective of dogmatic or religious implication, don’t the observers bear some responsibility for the predicaments they create for the observed when that predicament may just result in the destruction of the entire species? More succinctly: don’t the aliens owe us something for their bumbling? I mean, they may be millions of years ahead of us technologically and spiritually and intellectually, but clearly, if they’re crashing here as often as we are led to believe, they can’t be that bright.

Let’s put it in another context.  Let’s say Steven Hawking rams his limo into the back of my 1982 Dodge pickup truck and paralyzes me from the neck down. I may not even have the mental capacity to understand Professor Hawking’s explanation for the crash because, let’s face it, Steven Hawking is way smarter than I am. Nonetheless, even as a comparative moron, I can still sue Steven Hawking because instead of paying attention to the road like he’s supposed to, he’s pondering the origins of the universe while he’s flying down the highway with his good foot on the gas.

I think the first thing I would ask of the aliens if the inhabitants of Earth were my clients (let’s call this a class action), is for some assurance that they will assist us in the event we get too close to destroying ourselves. (If you pay attention to any of this stuff, there are some who say this has already happened more than once.)  I think the next thing I would ask is for individual counseling for every human being on the planet to help each of them deal with the emotional aftermath of learning about the alien presence. I mean, we’re not just talking about getting bad news here. We’re talking about the simultaneous and complete restructuring of virtually every psyche on the planet.  That’s a big deal, the outcome of which cannot be predicted, and I don’t think we should have to weather it without some meaningful alien assistance.

If I were negotiating with the aliens’ lawyer to settle this suit, I would also demand some level of real disclosure. Let’s just stop playing games here and get all of our cards out on the table. You’ve upset the natural order of things and now it’s time to come clean and pay the piper.  Finally, even if the aliens don’t think we’re mature enough to get into their galactic federation, I think they should at least form a club for abused and neglected civilizations. Even the Boy Scouts of America have “Cub Scouts”, right? Maybe ‘Junior
Legislature’ is a more apt analogy. Whatever the case, at the very least, the aliens owe us a really good explanation for their monumental ineptitude—maybe even a heartfelt apology.

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Unraveling the Cloak of Secrecy

It’s happening. Really, it’s difficult to envision, but it’s happening. Disclosure is beginng to happen at an accelerated pace. Reference the Pope’s Astronomer announcing that he would love it if aliens showed up so he could baptize them.  Whatever. But, you see my point, don’t you? There are a billion Catholics in the world.  There have been three big announcements from the church in the last year with regard to extraterrestrial life.  1st, the Vatican Observastory announced that there was no fundamental reason why we wouldn’t expect to see extraterrestrial life, and if we did, we shouldn’t be afraid because it’s just a testament to God’s greatness.  Entre’ vous the Pontiff saying about the same thing a few months later, and now the most recent announcement.  This is all part of a plan.  They are clearly preparing their parishoners for something BIG.  Will it be a microbe on Mars?  Will it be little grey fellow with big black eyes? Or, will it be be a signal from deep space? Hold on to your seats, kids. It’s going to be a wild and bumpy ride!

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An Open Letter to the Director of National Intelligence

Dear Mr. Clapper:

The purpose of my correspondence to you today is not to elicit a response, but rather to draw your attention to an issue about which I believe Americans are growing increasingly anxious and impatient—the issue of UFO’s and their relationship to national security. By writing this correspondence, I am assuming that you have been “read in” to this subject on some level. I am aware that the official position has been and continues to be that UFO’s do not exist and that they do not pose a risk to national security. I apologize, but simple logic will no longer allow me to accept this line of reasoning. I feel confident in assuming that you are as aware as I that neither the Condon Report nor Project Blue Book resolved the UFO issue. Current interest in this issue is the clearest evidence of that. The public didn’t buy it. More importantly, irrefutable evidence has continued to mount since that time which defies the obviously biased and militarily influenced conclusions of the Condon Committee. UFO’s do exist, and they clearly pose a threat to national security. I don’t require an affirmation of this. I simply want to make sure we’re on the same page.

As you are also no doubt aware, release of the new book by Leslie Kean entitled “UFO’s: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record” is causing a huge stir in circles over which you have influence. At the drafting of this correspondence, renowned physicist Michio Kaku has gone on the record as saying that the question of whether UFO’s exist has been unquestionably resolved in the affirmative. Yet, the question remains, “what are they?” Even more riveting is the fact that the so-called “extraterrestrial hypothesis” appears to be the most logical and reasonable explanation. You must be aware that France reached this conclusion ten years ago in the COMETA study. In addition, you are certainly aware that next week, several highly trained and competent military officers will appear at the National Press Club to attest to their involvement in UFO incidents wherein our country’s most sensitive nuclear weapons systems were remotely affected by: being shut down; having their launch sequences initiated; and, having their targeting codes altered.

Despite all of this, the government of my beloved United States continues to tow the “company” line. Why? Surely you can see that the age-old tactic of simply denying the existence of these objects may have served its purpose in WWII—perhaps even during the cold war. But logic dictates that continued handling of this subject through ridicule and denial must necessarily end in disaster.  As a well educated and intelligent American, I cannot see any way out of completely losing confidence in my government in the wake of continued, Earth-shattering, UFO-related revelations of this nature.  This will happen either because, like many Americans, I will be shocked and angered to find that we cannot defend ourselves against these visitors because our leaders have buried their heads in the sand, or because the military has known about this all along and has been lying to our faces. The only logical conclusion I can reach in light of all of this information is that the military and intelligence community is either utterly incompetent, or completely nefarious. Obviously, neither of these situations is tenable in a purportedly “free” nation.  I have to ask; precisely what freedoms are the military and intelligence community fighting so hard to protect? More to the point, it appears to me that the greatest threat to our national security does not come from any alleged alien visitors, but from the smothering cloak of secrecy and denial that has been wrapped around the entire subject. I ask you; can this untenable situation continue in a Government of the people, by the people, and for the people? As one patriotic American to another, sworn by our oaths to uphold the Constitution, do you personally feel comfortable allowing this situation to continue? (Assuming you have been briefed) Is secrecy of this nature truly conducive to the democracy to which you and I have pledged our very lives? Isn’t it time to freshen up the attic a bit?

I implore you to consider where all of this is going.  At some point, either you or those in your charge will necessarily be forced to finally confront this important issue in a forthright, honest, and publicly open manner. Please consider the very strong possibility that the tried and true “deny and ridicule” method must ultimately fail in the face of real facts.  In the end, our military and intelligence community will either be the leaders on this issue, or they will be sitting in the back of the room listening to some Chinese guy explain it all.  I wonder. Will we be the valiant defenders of truth and justice we grew up believing we were, or just another amoral, failed empire? Will we have an epiphany that leads us to a truly open and free society, or will we choke to death on our own secrets? I cannot help but feel from the bottom of my heart that the truth might set us free after all.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this truly heartfelt correspondence. All my best to you and yours.

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It’s Official! Michio Kaku says UFO’s are REAL!

I hope you can all appreciate the gravity of this post. Leslie Kean’s new book is already changing everything.  This is a link to Michio Kaku on MSNBC commenting on the new book, “UFO’s: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials go on the Record.” He specifically addresses the extraterrestrial hypothesis, the “they can’t get here from there” issue, and states unequivocally that UFO’s exist–we just don’t know what they are. Please watch this! It doesn’t look like UFO’s are on the “fringe” of science any more. Now, all those folks who say, “it can’t be; therfore, it isn’t”, i.e.Oberg, Shostak, Shermer, Nickel, MaGaha, blah blah blah, are the whackos on the the fringe of mainstream science. Isn’t it weird how things can turn around so suddenly? These idots have to be squirming in their shoes right now. More importantly, our own government has to be squirming. They’ve sat on this for years. Now, they’ve done it so long that they appear to be completely incomptent. Surely, if there are things flying around in our skies that we can’t identify, the Air Force, the Navy, or the Army would know about it, right? They’d better get on board with this before the American People completely lose confidence.

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UFO Debunker James Oberg is at it Again…

Leave it to a 1st class debunker like James Oberg to poo poo Leslie Kean’s new book using a classic debunker strategy (one that requires no ACTUAL investigation, of course): make big generalizations and cram everything you can into the hole. You know, muddy the bathwater and throw the baby out with it. Remember, Oberg is the guy who thinks pilots make terrible observers. Yeah. I didn’t see anything in his article that convinced me that pilots can’t accurately report what they see. Ridiculous. Really. Combine pilot sightings with radar images that confirm not only the existence of the objects but the position and speed of the objects relative to the observers and you have a much more compelling case than an old lazy fart like James Oberg can handle. He states, and I quote “If investigators are unable to find the explanation for a particular UFO case, that doesn’t constitute proof that the case is unexplainable.” No kidding. Where do you get this stuff???? All that an unsolved case proves is that you can’t explain it AT PRESENT. ERGO, until you CAN explain it, YOU CANNOT RULE OUT THE EXTRATERRSTRIAL HYPTHOTHESIS. By making this statement, you must necessarily admit that this possibility exists, no matter how remote you may personally feel it is, as a matter of logic. I am constantly astounded at how far out of your way you will go to make sure that this possibility is simply perceived as impossible. I’m sorry, James. I have to question your motives. Clearly, you have an ulterior motive, driven either by a deep personal bias, or by the will of third parties who do not want to have this discussion in an open and honest manner. I would love to see you in a debate with Leslie Kean. I believe she would hand you your hat. As an attorney, I would love to cross examine you in a trial over this issue. You’d be eating your own tongue in minutes. I have one more thought. Not once did you use the word RADAR in your article. It’s very convenient that you were able to leave that out in your attack on the credibility of pilots. Why do I feel this ommission was purposeful? It is somewhat misleading. Don’t you think? So, let me say it again RADAR, RADAR, RADAR! Are you channeling Phil Class again? By the way, I just got Leslie’s book, and I can tell by your article that you haven’t read one page. Hmmm. Oh yeah, one more thing RADAR! PHYSICAL TRACES! MULTIPLE WITNESSES! RADAR! Now, have a nice warm glass of milk and go back to sleep, James. You’ve done enough investigating today. Read James Oberg’s Article here: These guys don’t even try anymore!

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New Planets Being Discovered Every Day

I’ve been facinated and absolutely awestruck by the ongoing success of our search for other planets. The European Southern Observatory recently discovered 5 new planets:; and NASA just announced the discovery of two new exoplanets using its orbiting Kepler telescope: Of course, with the discovery of each new planet, the Drake equation( continually has fresh numbers to insert. As the result of the discovery of so many exoplanets (According to Wikipedia, as of August 24, 2010, approximately 488 extrasolar planets have been doscovered  to date:  the estimate of the number of detectable civilizations in our galaxy must necessarily increase. Wouldn’t you agree?

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Breakthrough UFO Book

I’m very happy to talk about what I believe is somewhat of a breakthrough with respect to the UFO topic. A fellow serious researcher of mine, Leslie Kean, has released a new book entitled “UFO’s: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record.” It took her over ten years to write, and as renowned theoretical physicist Michio Kaku commented, it has set the “Gold Standard” for UFO investigations. John Podesta wrote the foreword to the book. I encourage you all to read it if you have the opportunity. If you can get through it without realizing we haven’t gotten to the bottom of the UFO question yet, I’ll eat your hat. UFO’s, regardless of their origin, present serious threats to national security and air traffic safety. We need to pull our heads out and start looking at these things seriously. The statistics say that encounters by aircraft with UFO’s occur about as often as wind shear incidents. That should give us all cause to pause. I enjoyed the Steven Colbert interview with Leslie Kean here:,0,2758675.htmlstory

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