The Aliens Owe Us – Big Time!

If there is any truth to the notion that we Earthlings have recovered crashed alien spacecraft and gleaned technology from them, then in my opinion, the aliens owe us – big time. It was Colonel Phillip Corso in his book “The Day After Roswell” who told us that the United States Air force had recovered technology from the crash of an alien spacecraft in Roswell New Mexico, and that the Air Force then undertook a program through the Pentagon’s Foreign Technology Division to integrate that technology into our own by seeding it to American Industry and allowing various companies to develop those technologies free of their alien pedigrees.  According to Corso’s book, now 13 years old, the technologies we recovered from Roswell and other alleged crashes included things like night vision, fiber optics, multilayer materials like Kevlar, and most importantly: integrated circuits.  Who can argue that the integrated circuit – now only 6o years old-has altered human existence in such an astonishing manner that it is rivaled only by biological evolution in its profundity?

Anyone who is familiar with the issue of UFOs and their alleged extraterrestrial origins is also familiar with the notion that there is some sort of a “Galactic Federation” out there that won’t let us in until we evolve spiritually enough to control our own run-amok technology. Hold the phone. If in fact all of this is true, that we have recovered alien technology, reverse engineered it and integrated into our own, haven’t we been unwittingly, wrongfully, and dare I say negligently contaminated by alien technology that we have no business possessing?  Perhaps, if we had not been so influenced, we would not presently find ourselves at the precipice of self annihilation from our lack of spiritual growth. Perhaps we’d be right where we’re supposed to be in the scheme of things.

Some of you Trekkies (I mean, Trekkers) out there may remember the Star Trek Episode “A Piece of the Action” wherein Captain Kirk and his crew travel to the distant Planet “Sigma Lotia II” 100 years after an earlier visit from the Federation Starship “U.S.S. Horizon.” What they find is astonishing. Some bumbling fool on the Horizon had left a book behind—a book about gangsters in 1930’s Chicago. Within the short span of 100 years, the highly intelligent and adaptive inhabitants of Sigma Lotia II had based their entire culture on “the Book”. Captain Kirk discovered that that the planet was governed by rival Capone-style gangs all vying for a bigger “Piece of the Action” through the use of gangster style “hits”—Tommy guns and all. You see my point, don’t you? If some alien species has stupidly (or, Heaven forbid, purposefully) misplaced their technology here, then in the immortal words of Ricky Ricardo, “Lucy, you got some splainin’ to do!” It would be difficult to argue that, if in fact we have taken possession of and assimilated alien technology, the resulting transformation of our planet has been anything short of “apocalyptic” in magnitude.  To me, as a lawyer, that spells a little thing I like to call “damages.” Yes, that’s right, I said “damages”. That means I believe we humans have a legitimate claim for damages caused by the negligent acts of an alien civilization. It seems essentially unfair to me that the human race should be prematurely exposed to certain fundamentally transformational technologies by an as yet unidentified alien species that now purportedly scoffs at the notion of letting us into their galactic club because we haven’t grown spiritually enough to handle the very technology they dumped on us before we were ready to have it. Help me if I’m missing something here.

Michio Kaku was recently asked why aliens don’t simply land on the White House lawn and announce their presence to the World. In his answer, he likened the human race to a colony of ants on the side of the highway. One would not expect that advanced aliens traveling down the highway would bother to stop and talk to the ants on the side of the road, much less establish diplomatic relations with them, or gift them with some revolutionary technology—like nuclear energy. Why would aliens that advanced even care about us enough to stop by? I think we have to ask ourselves what an advanced alien civilization would think about a colony of ants that manages to duplicate technologies they obtain by studying one of their crashed vehicles.  Wouldn’t we as humans be concerned about a colony of ants that managed to do something as relatively simple as duplicate any of the materials found in common car tires merely by studying a wrecked automobile in the desert?

I do not believe that any intelligent species, no matter how advanced they may be, would not be scientifically interested in the human race on some level. Take Dr. Kaku’s example of the aliens, the highway, and the ants.  I would agree that most aliens would simply ignore us as they go about their business because they have more important things to do. But, even we busy human beings flying down the highway in our Fords and Hyundais and Porsches have scientists who study insects.  They are called entomologists.  There are even entomologists who restrict their studies to specific species of ants. That’s why we know so much about ants, because some entomologist somewhere sits around all day long observing and studying ants.

So—back to my original point: what happens when the observer inadvertently interjects himself into the experiment? What happens when the observer provides the ants with the means to destroy themselves, or at the very least, makes such a thing more possible or likely? If there is some universal morality that applies here, irrespective of dogmatic or religious implication, don’t the observers bear some responsibility for the predicaments they create for the observed when that predicament may just result in the destruction of the entire species? More succinctly: don’t the aliens owe us something for their bumbling? I mean, they may be millions of years ahead of us technologically and spiritually and intellectually, but clearly, if they’re crashing here as often as we are led to believe, they can’t be that bright.

Let’s put it in another context.  Let’s say Steven Hawking rams his limo into the back of my 1982 Dodge pickup truck and paralyzes me from the neck down. I may not even have the mental capacity to understand Professor Hawking’s explanation for the crash because, let’s face it, Steven Hawking is way smarter than I am. Nonetheless, even as a comparative moron, I can still sue Steven Hawking because instead of paying attention to the road like he’s supposed to, he’s pondering the origins of the universe while he’s flying down the highway with his good foot on the gas.

I think the first thing I would ask of the aliens if the inhabitants of Earth were my clients (let’s call this a class action), is for some assurance that they will assist us in the event we get too close to destroying ourselves. (If you pay attention to any of this stuff, there are some who say this has already happened more than once.)  I think the next thing I would ask is for individual counseling for every human being on the planet to help each of them deal with the emotional aftermath of learning about the alien presence. I mean, we’re not just talking about getting bad news here. We’re talking about the simultaneous and complete restructuring of virtually every psyche on the planet.  That’s a big deal, the outcome of which cannot be predicted, and I don’t think we should have to weather it without some meaningful alien assistance.

If I were negotiating with the aliens’ lawyer to settle this suit, I would also demand some level of real disclosure. Let’s just stop playing games here and get all of our cards out on the table. You’ve upset the natural order of things and now it’s time to come clean and pay the piper.  Finally, even if the aliens don’t think we’re mature enough to get into their galactic federation, I think they should at least form a club for abused and neglected civilizations. Even the Boy Scouts of America have “Cub Scouts”, right? Maybe ‘Junior
Legislature’ is a more apt analogy. Whatever the case, at the very least, the aliens owe us a really good explanation for their monumental ineptitude—maybe even a heartfelt apology.

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