UFO Debunker James Oberg is at it Again…

Leave it to a 1st class debunker like James Oberg to poo poo Leslie Kean’s new book using a classic debunker strategy (one that requires no ACTUAL investigation, of course): make big generalizations and cram everything you can into the hole. You know, muddy the bathwater and throw the baby out with it. Remember, Oberg is the guy who thinks pilots make terrible observers. Yeah. I didn’t see anything in his article that convinced me that pilots can’t accurately report what they see. Ridiculous. Really. Combine pilot sightings with radar images that confirm not only the existence of the objects but the position and speed of the objects relative to the observers and you have a much more compelling case than an old lazy fart like James Oberg can handle. He states, and I quote “If investigators are unable to find the explanation for a particular UFO case, that doesn’t constitute proof that the case is unexplainable.” No kidding. Where do you get this stuff???? All that an unsolved case proves is that you can’t explain it AT PRESENT. ERGO, until you CAN explain it, YOU CANNOT RULE OUT THE EXTRATERRSTRIAL HYPTHOTHESIS. By making this statement, you must necessarily admit that this possibility exists, no matter how remote you may personally feel it is, as a matter of logic. I am constantly astounded at how far out of your way you will go to make sure that this possibility is simply perceived as impossible. I’m sorry, James. I have to question your motives. Clearly, you have an ulterior motive, driven either by a deep personal bias, or by the will of third parties who do not want to have this discussion in an open and honest manner. I would love to see you in a debate with Leslie Kean. I believe she would hand you your hat. As an attorney, I would love to cross examine you in a trial over this issue. You’d be eating your own tongue in minutes. I have one more thought. Not once did you use the word RADAR in your article. It’s very convenient that you were able to leave that out in your attack on the credibility of pilots. Why do I feel this ommission was purposeful? It is somewhat misleading. Don’t you think? So, let me say it again RADAR, RADAR, RADAR! Are you channeling Phil Class again? By the way, I just got Leslie’s book, and I can tell by your article that you haven’t read one page. Hmmm. Oh yeah, one more thing RADAR! PHYSICAL TRACES! MULTIPLE WITNESSES! RADAR! Now, have a nice warm glass of milk and go back to sleep, James. You’ve done enough investigating today. Read James Oberg’s Article here: http://news.ca.msn.com/top-stories/msnbc-article.aspx?cp-documentid=25368698 These guys don’t even try anymore!

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