It’s Official! Michio Kaku says UFO’s are REAL!

I hope you can all appreciate the gravity of this post. Leslie Kean’s new book is already changing everything.  This is a link to Michio Kaku on MSNBC commenting on the new book, “UFO’s: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials go on the Record.” He specifically addresses the extraterrestrial hypothesis, the “they can’t get here from there” issue, and states unequivocally that UFO’s exist–we just don’t know what they are. Please watch this! It doesn’t look like UFO’s are on the “fringe” of science any more. Now, all those folks who say, “it can’t be; therfore, it isn’t”, i.e.Oberg, Shostak, Shermer, Nickel, MaGaha, blah blah blah, are the whackos on the the fringe of mainstream science. Isn’t it weird how things can turn around so suddenly? These idots have to be squirming in their shoes right now. More importantly, our own government has to be squirming. They’ve sat on this for years. Now, they’ve done it so long that they appear to be completely incomptent. Surely, if there are things flying around in our skies that we can’t identify, the Air Force, the Navy, or the Army would know about it, right? They’d better get on board with this before the American People completely lose confidence.

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