An Open Letter to the Director of National Intelligence

Dear Mr. Clapper:

The purpose of my correspondence to you today is not to elicit a response, but rather to draw your attention to an issue about which I believe Americans are growing increasingly anxious and impatient—the issue of UFO’s and their relationship to national security. By writing this correspondence, I am assuming that you have been “read in” to this subject on some level. I am aware that the official position has been and continues to be that UFO’s do not exist and that they do not pose a risk to national security. I apologize, but simple logic will no longer allow me to accept this line of reasoning. I feel confident in assuming that you are as aware as I that neither the Condon Report nor Project Blue Book resolved the UFO issue. Current interest in this issue is the clearest evidence of that. The public didn’t buy it. More importantly, irrefutable evidence has continued to mount since that time which defies the obviously biased and militarily influenced conclusions of the Condon Committee. UFO’s do exist, and they clearly pose a threat to national security. I don’t require an affirmation of this. I simply want to make sure we’re on the same page.

As you are also no doubt aware, release of the new book by Leslie Kean entitled “UFO’s: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record” is causing a huge stir in circles over which you have influence. At the drafting of this correspondence, renowned physicist Michio Kaku has gone on the record as saying that the question of whether UFO’s exist has been unquestionably resolved in the affirmative. Yet, the question remains, “what are they?” Even more riveting is the fact that the so-called “extraterrestrial hypothesis” appears to be the most logical and reasonable explanation. You must be aware that France reached this conclusion ten years ago in the COMETA study. In addition, you are certainly aware that next week, several highly trained and competent military officers will appear at the National Press Club to attest to their involvement in UFO incidents wherein our country’s most sensitive nuclear weapons systems were remotely affected by: being shut down; having their launch sequences initiated; and, having their targeting codes altered.

Despite all of this, the government of my beloved United States continues to tow the “company” line. Why? Surely you can see that the age-old tactic of simply denying the existence of these objects may have served its purpose in WWII—perhaps even during the cold war. But logic dictates that continued handling of this subject through ridicule and denial must necessarily end in disaster.  As a well educated and intelligent American, I cannot see any way out of completely losing confidence in my government in the wake of continued, Earth-shattering, UFO-related revelations of this nature.  This will happen either because, like many Americans, I will be shocked and angered to find that we cannot defend ourselves against these visitors because our leaders have buried their heads in the sand, or because the military has known about this all along and has been lying to our faces. The only logical conclusion I can reach in light of all of this information is that the military and intelligence community is either utterly incompetent, or completely nefarious. Obviously, neither of these situations is tenable in a purportedly “free” nation.  I have to ask; precisely what freedoms are the military and intelligence community fighting so hard to protect? More to the point, it appears to me that the greatest threat to our national security does not come from any alleged alien visitors, but from the smothering cloak of secrecy and denial that has been wrapped around the entire subject. I ask you; can this untenable situation continue in a Government of the people, by the people, and for the people? As one patriotic American to another, sworn by our oaths to uphold the Constitution, do you personally feel comfortable allowing this situation to continue? (Assuming you have been briefed) Is secrecy of this nature truly conducive to the democracy to which you and I have pledged our very lives? Isn’t it time to freshen up the attic a bit?

I implore you to consider where all of this is going.  At some point, either you or those in your charge will necessarily be forced to finally confront this important issue in a forthright, honest, and publicly open manner. Please consider the very strong possibility that the tried and true “deny and ridicule” method must ultimately fail in the face of real facts.  In the end, our military and intelligence community will either be the leaders on this issue, or they will be sitting in the back of the room listening to some Chinese guy explain it all.  I wonder. Will we be the valiant defenders of truth and justice we grew up believing we were, or just another amoral, failed empire? Will we have an epiphany that leads us to a truly open and free society, or will we choke to death on our own secrets? I cannot help but feel from the bottom of my heart that the truth might set us free after all.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this truly heartfelt correspondence. All my best to you and yours.

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