Unraveling the Cloak of Secrecy

It’s happening. Really, it’s difficult to envision, but it’s happening. Disclosure is beginng to happen at an accelerated pace. Reference the Pope’s Astronomer announcing that he would love it if aliens showed up so he could baptize them.  Whatever. But, you see my point, don’t you? There are a billion Catholics in the world.  There have been three big announcements from the church in the last year with regard to extraterrestrial life.  1st, the Vatican Observastory announced that there was no fundamental reason why we wouldn’t expect to see extraterrestrial life, and if we did, we shouldn’t be afraid because it’s just a testament to God’s greatness.  Entre’ vous the Pontiff saying about the same thing a few months later, and now the most recent announcement.  This is all part of a plan.  They are clearly preparing their parishoners for something BIG.  Will it be a microbe on Mars?  Will it be little grey fellow with big black eyes? Or, will it be be a signal from deep space? Hold on to your seats, kids. It’s going to be a wild and bumpy ride!

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