The Atacama Humanoid

By now everyone is aware of the existence of the Atacama Humanoid. Though the specimen has been around for some time, it has gained a considerable amount of attention lately, thanks to Dr. Steven Greer of the “Disclosure Project.” Dr. Greer’s film “Sirius” debuted Monday night to a great amount of anticipation. Though the film was groundbreaking in many ways with respect to internet history, some were disappointed with the results of the preliminary DNA analysis done by Dr. Nolan of Stanford University. Dr. Nolan’s report can be found here:  Dr. Greer’s report can be found at this link:; Dr. Lachman, a noted expert in skeletal dysplasia, examined the specimen, called “Ata” and determined that it was not a fetus as had been postulated, but a child of approximately 6 to 8 years of age. Dr. Lachman report can be found here:; The reports in the media thus far are that the specimen is human. This is based on Dr. Nolan’s preliminary analysis of the specimen’s mitochondrial DNA. Unlike nuclear DNA, mitochondrial DNA is primarily derived from the mother. Thus, Nolan concluded that the specimen has a human mother, native to the region of Chile in which the specimen was found. I would caution those of you looking into this not to place all of your eggs in the “completely human” basket just yet. Considerable additional work needs to be done to determine the identity, or at least the species of the father. When I say this, keep in mind that most of us have gone out whole lives without ever laying eyes on a 6 inch all 8 year old kid. Chances are that, if we had, we probably would have tried to step on it. I also have to ask, how did the mother even know she had a child? How big could thing have been to begin with, about the size of a healthy blood-clot I would imagine. Human? I say look at it. As Dr. Nolan indicated, the genotype doesn’t match the phenotype. In other words, there’s nothing he’s seen in the genetics so far that would explain the apparent deformities. That’s another really weird thing about this specimen. Don’t jump on the human bandwagon just yet. My guess? Quite possibly a hybrid of some sort. Time will tell, but I’m waiting for the complete analysis…

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