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The Battle for Disclosure

“We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects, and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity. Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do it.”

– Ben Rich, Director, Lockheed Skunkworks, 1975-1991

Like all wars preceding the battle for UFO disclosure, the conflict invariably boils down to the ‘haves’ keeping something from the ‘have-nots.’ There is great power in knowing something others do not. In the context of UFO secrets, most Americans agree that the United States government knows more than it is telling us about UFOs. From the first public rumblings surrounding the subject in 1947 until 2017, the government denied the very reality of the phenomenon, undertaking a sophisticated campaign of public denial and ridicule to undermine the truth of it. Since the authentication of the Tic-Tac and Go-Fast videos in 2017, and the subsequent official admissions that the phenomenon is real and that their origins are unknown, those who keep the secrets have doubled their efforts to conceal the ultimate truth, but so the seekers of truth have doubled their efforts to reveal it. Therein lies the rub.

As in all battles, there are opposing forces at play, divergent factions, and scurrilous factions within factions who rarely work together, but who may occasionally cooperate when their mutual interests coincide. In this case, the strong opposition to disclosure derives from several exceptionally threatening sources.

The battle for disclosure begins, but certainly does not end, within the halls of our own government. The most potent source of resistance to disclosure comes from a cadre’ of high-ranking religious zealots at the Pentagon who see the UFO phenomenon as an incursion of satanic demons into our Earthly realm. By acknowledging and studying the UFO phenomenon, we invite Satan into our physical world. As incredible as this assertion sounds, it comes from particularly reliable authority. By their way of thinking, humiliating, discrediting, or even eliminating someone like David Grusch could be necessary for the preservation of divine order.[i]

There are, of course, myriad other factions dedicated to the cause, but they are possessed of significantly differing interests having absolutely nothing to do with God. As we know, much of the technology gleaned from UFO crashes and retrievals has gone to private industry for study and potential back engineering. Colonel Phillip Corso and General Trudeau appeared to be the original architects of this model with their alleged dissemination of technologies garnered from the Roswell crash to companies like Dow Corning and Bell Laboratories. Thanks to new legislation in the form of the National Security Act, the military was able to enter into research and development contracts with private corporations more easily. It provided the legal foundation for what we now know as the military-industrial complex.

As it relates to UFOs, this joint military-industrial UFO retrieval venture apparently continues, as confirmed by a recent article in the Daily Express.[ii] According to the article from November 28, 2023, a compartmentalized unit of the CIA has been assisting in the collection of UFOs from crash sites around the world since as early as 2003. The CIA’s Office of Global Access identifies and locates objects before and after they crash. Then, the US military utilizes this information to access the UFOs and recover them. Once done they send the objects to private contractors for inspection. Allegedly, there could be as many as nine or more UFOs in the possession of the United States, with two allegedly remaining undamaged. It does not require brain-surgery level intelligence to gather that elements of the military as well as private security contractors charged with maintaining the secrecy around this joint venture represent other factions that clearly benefit from maintaining the secret.

Military and corporate forces have a common interest in UFOs for one primary reason: weapons potential. All other priorities are secondary. It is one thing to develop a new aircraft, a new tank, or a new rocket. However, there are magnitudes of difference between a technology developed during the natural course of research and development, and a technology obtained from another star system, or even an adjacent universe or alternate dimension. Such technology would be thousands, or even millions, of years ahead of present human technology and would present those who possess such secrets with the opportunity for unlimited wealth and power. What would it be worth keeping such secrets? Certainly, the deaths of a few good soldiers are a small price to pay.

It is conceivable that possessing technology from outside our world, or even simply being privy to knowledge of such, might lead one to believe that it is the result of divine providence. One might even begin to believe they have been chosen. On the other hand, more business-minded individuals might recognize an opportunity to exploit the wealth potential of such technology, making it available to the highest bidder, as corporations are often wont to do, outside the scope of burdensome moral or ethical considerations.

There are other factions within and without our government who may be sincerely bent on protecting us from possibly more terrifying information. What if we are not just the product of another intelligence, but we are a resource? An example of how potentially disturbing this information could be comes from Bob Lazar. Notwithstanding the controversy surrounding his story, Lazar claims to have had access to certain written materials provided to him during his time at Area S-4, south of Groom Lake, which purportedly described the origin of the craft he was studying, the civilization responsible for its manufacture, and the nature of their interest in us. What he read, if true, presents profound moral, religious, and even existential implications.

According to Lazar, he worked specifically on one craft he dubbed “the Sport Model.” The Sport Model was purportedly one of nine crafts in the possession of the government, each in various operational states from apparently new and operable to damaged and inoperable. One had a sizeable hole in its side that appeared to be the result of a ballistics experiment. Among the materials he read were strange texts containing images and words that changed on the pages. This was long before flat-screen displays and e-readers. The texts indicated that the visitors came from Z1R3, or Zeta1 Reticuli 3, the third planet in the Zeta1 Reticuli system.[iii] The texts also indicated that the visitors referred to we humans as “containers.” We are containers of souls, and this is the source of their interest in us.

The nature of this interest is unclear. Are they interested because they have no souls, and they are studying us for this purpose? Are they using our souls as a resource? If you were one of a small few who possessed this knowledge, what would you do with it? Would you shout it from the mountain, bury it deep for fear of societal collapse, or fall on the floor, twitching uncontrollably? Consider the prospect of a faction that sincerely believes, perhaps justifiably so, that humanity is not ready, nor will it ever be, for a revelation of this nature. A secret like this must never be told because it has the potential to usher in the end of civilization.

As if this was not enough, there is yet another faction at play in this battle, unquestionably the most powerful of all – the visitors themselves. There is no question that the visitors, whoever or wherever they come from, could easily make their presence known to the entire planet if this was their desire. Some would argue that these visitors often do not seem to care whether they are seen or not. Indeed, it would seem apparent that they can traverse our skies with impunity. If they chose to do so, they could simultaneously appear over every major capital and simply declare that they have taken over the planet. For those paying attention, the visitors haven’t done this. They have certainly made incursions over major capitals, but they flee when confronted. The 1954 sightings over Washington, D.C., are an example of this. Cultural interaction is not their goal. We can only speculate about their motivations, but it is obvious that the visitors also wish to remain hidden, concealing their true motives. One can only speculate about what those motives might be.

In the intelligence arena, it is said that there are known knowns, known unknowns, unknown knowns, and unknown unknowns. Known knowns are the facts we are certain about. For example, we know that the sun rises in the east. Known unknowns are unknowns that we are aware of. They are questions or doubts that we are conscious of but for which we lack solutions. For example, we are aware that we are unsure of the precise time it will rain next week, or whether it will rain. We know that rain, nonetheless, remains a possibility. Unknown knowns are abilities or knowledge that we may not even be aware that we possess. For example, we may unconsciously know how to respond in a crisis. Finally, there are unknown unknowns. These are things that we are unaware of. They are unanticipated difficulties that are completely outside of our control. For example, until their discovery, we were unaware that black holes existed.

We know that UFOs exist, but who and what they are, when they will appear, and what their true motivations are, remains unknown. It is the unknown unknowns that cause the greatest concern. There could be countless other forces of which we are unaware that may also wish to suppress UFO information for some unknown, nefarious purpose.

The battle for disclosure is a real war, with real life and death stakes. Consider David Grusch, the intelligence officer who recently testified under oath before Congress regarding his official investigation into the UFO subject. Grusch has canceled all media appearances and scheduled talks over safety concerns – concerns that he might be killed in retaliation for his UFO revelations, or perhaps to prevent him from revealing things he has yet to share. Lu Elizondo does not appear in public without a bulletproof vest. The threat of death in this battle is real and follows anyone with true information who dares to spill the secret. They can both tell you that death has already found its way to some.

There are, no doubt, individuals within the bowels of the national security state who control UFO information. These are other humans, no better or greater than you or me, who have concluded that they cannot share the truth of an alien presence with the rest of us. The guardians of this secret have placed themselves above the whole of humanity and have gone to great lengths to keep the secret, including kidnapping, torture, and even murder. It would be nice to believe that these individuals are only looking out for our best interests and that the secret must be kept, perhaps to keep us from rioting in the streets, or hoarding toilet paper. These people have no right to keep the knowledge that we are not alone from us. There can only be one rational explanation for why they would do this – the lust for ultimate wealth and power.

The battle for disclosure is not just a battle for truth; it is a battle for the future of humanity. If evil forces with malicious intent master and ultimately wield alien technology, they could subjugate humankind and this planet for thousands of years, with nothing to stop them. A worst-case scenario could arise in which humans are reduced to slaves whose sole purpose in life is to serve a few, chosen elite. However, if we the people prevail, hidden technologies could help us solve our looming energy and environmental problems. Perhaps they could even lay a path for us to follow to the stars, to other galaxies, other dimensions, or even to other universes.  That future belongs to all of us, not just to a precious few.

[i] Historically speaking, religion (dogma, i.e., belief in an omnipotent god) provides the moral impetus for war. God protects us from “the other” because we are good. The other is evil and therefore an enemy of God. Thus, the other’s destruction is justified by our divine right. Our love for God mandates it. God mandates that we keep the secret so that the world can remain safe from the devil’s minions.

[ii] CIA has retrieved at least nine UFOs from crash sites worldwide – US News – News – Daily Express US (

[iii] Zeta Reticuli is a main sequence star located in the constellation of Reticulum and can be seen on a clear night in the Southern Hemisphere without binoculars or a telescope. It is part of a binary star system with its sister star being located some 0.8 light years distant. Coincidentally, this was the location identified by Marjorie Fish when she reconstructed the star map allegedly seen by Betty Hill when she and her husband Barney were taken onboard a UFO.

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